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Full Version: General Forum Rules
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Thank you for choosing to be a part of this forum dedicated to discussions on the AWS Platform. I am glad you have found what you were looking for.

Our intention is to have a forum that is highly active, thoroughly informative and a friendly place to have open discussions on the AWS platform. And in order to achieve this, we have framed a set of guidelines/rules to be followed by every one without exception on this forum. Violation of these rules will lead to a permanent ban from the forum.

1. Respect Everyone:
This is a public forum that is used by people from all around the world of all ages, of different cultural backgrounds, of different job domains and of different levels of experience. You are not superior or inferior to anyone. There will be zero tolerance for condescending behavior, mockery, personal attacks, posting of private data of other users, harassment, swearing, racist behavior & bigotry. If someone does any of this to you, then report the post right away and do not indulge in the same behavior saying he/she started it. Saying so will not absolve you of blame. If you have a disagreement with someone, respectfully point out your difference point wise without attacking the other person and do not drag on posts endlessly without adding anything of value to the conversation.

2. No Religious Discussions:
Any posts found discussing religious matters regardless of it being informational or abusive will be removed and the user will be warned. Repeat behavior will lead to a permanent ban.

3. No Political Discussions:
No discussions on politics is allowed. The only exception for this rule is if a political action, proposed law/policy or ruling is directly affecting any technology related to AWS. An example of an exception would be discussion of policies and laws related to artificial intelligence, data privacy etc.

4. No SPAM:
All automated messages, advertisements, and links to other websites for promotional purposes is prohibited and will result is a ban.

5. Piracy, Hacking & Malware:
Under no circumstances will any kind of piracy related content be tolerated on this forum. You shall never post any information or solicit sales of recordings, copies & dumps of training videos and other related materials. All other types of software piracy and distribution of copyrighted material is also strictly prohibited. Any type of unauthorized hacking, warez related posts or distribution of malware is prohibited.

6. Criminal Activity:
Without exception, all acts prohibited under the law are prohibited here as well. Any information or solicitation to sell drugs, weapons or any other illegal items or information are strictly prohibited.

7. Duplicate accounts & Impersonation:
Each individual is allowed to have only one account on the forum. You shall not use multiple accounts not attempt to create multiple accounts on the forum at any time. You shall also under no circumstance impersonate or insinuate to be any other human being dead or alive.

8. Other Disallowed Post Topics:
The following types of threads/posts are not allowed
  • Funny Pictures/Forwards/Jokes
  • Pornographic content

9. Refer the posting guidelines thread before posting anything.

These rules and guidelines will get updated from time to time and it is your responsibility to keep yourself updated. Feigning ignorance of the rules will not absolve you of the offense committed. Also, your state of mind at the time of committing an offense is irrelevant, so saying things like you were angry, frustrated etc. will not cut you any slack.

Happy Forum-ing! [Image: smile.png]