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Full Version: Update: More Flexibility for AWS Certification Exams
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In a recent exciting announcement which has come as a relief for many experienced professionals, AWS has now removed the pre-requisites for the Professional and Speciality certifications!

Prior to this, you needed an Associate level certification before being eligible to appear for the Professional certification examination and you needed either an Associate or Foundational level certificate to be eligible to appear for the Specialty certification examination.

Now, you are eligible to directly write the Professional examination without having to be forced to technically pay for 2 exams i.e both Associate and Professional. This is an extremely helpful step for those individuals who already have several years of hands on experience on AWS and shied away from paying for lower level exams like the Associate level.

Here is the full announcement from AWS:

Quote:AWS Certification exams validate skills and expertise with an industry-recognized credential. We’re updating our AWS Certification Program to give you more flexibility by removing exam pre-requisites. You can now choose the exam that’s right for you based on your expertise and goals.

We offer a total of 9 exams at the Foundational, Associate, and Professional level. In the past, we required you to pass an Associate or Foundational level exam before pursuing a Professional or Specialty certification. We listened to our customers, and heard you wanted more flexibility, so we are eliminating these requirements. You are no longer required to have an Associate certification before pursuing a Professional certification, and you are no longer required to hold a Foundational or Associate certification before pursuing Specialty certification.

Explore our recommended learning paths for guidance on how you can advance and validate your cloud skills. We offer digital and classroom training to help you build cloud skills and prepare for certification exams.

We’re making these updates in our system beginning on Thursday, October 11, and all candidates will be able to register for any exam by the end of the month

Source: AWS